The System Is Rigged Podcast

Ep. 12 Nick Cook (UK Defence analyst, Author and Antigravity expert)

December 14, 2019

Nick Cook is one of the UK's leading defence analysts. Formerly the Aviation Editor of Jane's Defence Weekly, the world's premier military affairs journal, he has also written for newspapers around the world.

Nick has done extensive investigation into German specialist weaponry research at the height of WW2 as well as operation Paperclip and the Nazi scientists brought to White Sands after the war to build the US space program. In his book The Hunt for Zero Point, Cook investigates US and German research into anti-gravity propulsion. He is an expert on the fine line between top secret military aircraft and the UFO phenomenon. He doesn't rule anything out.

He is the author of The Hunt For Zero Point, a non-fiction bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. His new fictional novel, The Grid, is a psychological thriller about mind control as a military and intelligence weapon.  



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