The System Is Rigged Podcast

Ep. 13 Malcolm the Mudlarker (Mud Historian)

January 27, 2020

Malcolm is a mud historian and Mudlark. Historically, Mudlarks would search the muddy shores of the River Thames at low tide for anything that could be sold; and sometimes, when occasion arose, pilfering from river traffic. By at least the late 18th century people dwelling near the river could scrape a subsistence living this way. Mudlarks were usually either youngsters aged between eight and fifteen, or the robust elderly; and though most mudlarks were male, girls and women were also scavengers.

Malcolm is the Mud Historian. Check out his Instagram page @mudhistorian for details of the many artefacts he has found along the foreshore of the River Thames in London and details of how these finds help us understand our past and present.

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