The System Is Rigged Podcast

Episode 1 - Geoff Dann the Mushroom man

July 20, 2018

Geoff Dann is a fungi and foraging expert, teacher and writer based in Hastings.  He spends his autumns accompanying small, self-assembled groups (families, groups of friends, couples) on walks in search of fungi, usually on public access land.  He also collaborates with landowners to offer longer foraging courses for larger groups.  In the evenings he gives talks, and brings a selection of whatever is currently available for people to try. He also runs coastal foraging sessions in the spring and summer, and is available for foraging and fungi/plant ID sessions at all times of the year.

We talk about how he got out of his IT job to become a full time forager, his adventures foraging, his new book 'Edible Mushrooms' and how to get into mushroom foraging without being poisoned amongst man other things.

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