The System Is Rigged Podcast

Ep 17 - Nick Dunn (former Para jailed in India for crime he did not commit - Chennai 6)

May 24, 2020

Nick Dunn is an ex-paratrooper with 1 Para and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq where he miraculously survived being blown up by an IED before leaving the army and going on to become an anti-piracy specialist on commercial shipping routes in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal

Nick was later subject to a tragic miscarriage of justice that led to him being imprisoned unjustly in India as one of the so-called Chennai 6 as the world’s press called them

Nick wasn’t just innocent of any crime, there actually was no crime. Stationed on an anti-piracy ship to protect vessels against Somali pirates, he and several other anti-piracy guards on a US merchant marine vessel were arrested and falsely charged with intruding into Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons.

Nick lost 4 years of his life trapped a legal nightmare in prisons across Tamil Nadu in the southeast of India, thousands of miles from his home in Newcastle and his family. He spent the majority of his time in appalling conditions at Chennai prison with extremely limited contact to the outside world.

He has a book out now centitled “Surviving Hell” which I highly recommend. Nick’s lifetime of experience as an elite British soldier gave him the mental strength not to buckle under all the pressure he endured during these years of political and legal wrangling while he was stuck in prison.

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