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Ep 21 - Lewis Dartnell (Astrobiologist and Author)

Ep 21 - Lewis Dartnell (Astrobiologist and Author)

February 20, 2021

Dr Lewis Dartnell is an author, presenter and Professor of Astrobiology at the University of Westminster. He is best known to the public as a popular science writer, especially for The Knowledge: How to Build our World From Scratch. More recently, he is the author of the Sunday Times bestseller Origins - on how geology has impacted human history and evolution.

We talked about the Origin and Evolution of Man, the effect of tectonic plates on the development of civilisation, the potential for multi-cellular life in our solar system, the potential for discovery of microbial life on Mars, as well as Prof Dartnell's take on Oumuamua and many other things as well. Lewis has appeared on BBC's Horizon, Wonders of the Universe, Stargazing Live and The Sky at Night.

Ep 20 - Barry Lynch/Matt Boast (Fishing/Pro-Angler)

Ep 20 - Barry Lynch/Matt Boast (Fishing/Pro-Angler)

October 17, 2020

Todays guests are 2 stars of the UK fishing world.

Barry Lynch is one of my very good friends , he is a super passionate angler. He owns a fishing equipment supply company called THE LURE BOX which actually has its own pro-team which you can check out.

Barry grew up fishing in Zimbabwe. He has his own fishing team at the Lure Box and we love to catch up on occasion in the park and get pissed together.

Matt Boast is Rapala pro staff, Lowrance Pro Ambassador. He is a Passionate lure angler in the UK and Europe. Matt is a Consultant to Shimano, Pro staff for Lowrance, Rapala and VMC hooks.

This is the fishing episode. I hope you enjoy it.

Ep 19 - Marcel Hof+Anicha Vos  (Breathwork - The Hof Method man)

Ep 19 - Marcel Hof+Anicha Vos (Breathwork - The Hof Method man)

September 21, 2020

Marcel Hof is one of the world’s most experienced breathwork facilitators, and is quickly becoming one of the biggest names in the field of breathwork.

Having touched the lives of thousands of people around the world, Marcel has dedicated his life to helping others access their internal power, break free from outdated or limiting thoughts and beliefs, and experience themselves as the truly powerful beings they really are.

Born in the Netherlands, Marcel was one of nine children. Within the family, there was a philosophical divide between two camps; the intellectual and the experiential. Marcel naturally fell in with the experiential camp of the family, along with his brothers Ruud and Wim, and together, they loved to push the boundaries of human potential through the experience of extreme conditions and practices.

This early exposure to extreme practices (such as exposure to the ice and harsh climates) ignited a deep passion that led Marcel to continue practicing, and eventually, teaching breathwork and other yogic and shamanic techniques.

Marcel Hof is based in the Netherlands and Bali, and spends much of the year traveling with his partner Anicca Vos, to teach transformational workshops.

Ep 18 - Mike Turber (TicTac UFO Investigator)

Ep 18 - Mike Turber (TicTac UFO Investigator)

July 25, 2020

Mike Turber is a former US Air Force intelligence specialist. He has information which he believes proves that the UFOs cited by the Dept of Defence are in fact top secret US aircraft. Not only that but Mr Turber believes he has conclusive evidence that that aircraft have figured out Way to beat the laws of gravity. This technology - if released - could in theory solve the world’s energy problems and allow us to cease the use of fossil fuels. If its ET then its the biggest story in the history of humanity. If its US top secret technology then why isn’t it being released? How does Mike Turber know what he knows ? Listen now and find out 

Ep 17 - Nick Dunn (former Para jailed in India for crime he did not commit - Chennai 6)

Ep 17 - Nick Dunn (former Para jailed in India for crime he did not commit - Chennai 6)

May 24, 2020

Nick Dunn is an ex-paratrooper with 1 Para and a veteran of Afghanistan and Iraq where he miraculously survived being blown up by an IED before leaving the army and going on to become an anti-piracy specialist on commercial shipping routes in the Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal

Nick was later subject to a tragic miscarriage of justice that led to him being imprisoned unjustly in India as one of the so-called Chennai 6 as the world’s press called them

Nick wasn’t just innocent of any crime, there actually was no crime. Stationed on an anti-piracy ship to protect vessels against Somali pirates, he and several other anti-piracy guards on a US merchant marine vessel were arrested and falsely charged with intruding into Indian waters and the possession of illegal weapons.

Nick lost 4 years of his life trapped a legal nightmare in prisons across Tamil Nadu in the southeast of India, thousands of miles from his home in Newcastle and his family. He spent the majority of his time in appalling conditions at Chennai prison with extremely limited contact to the outside world.

He has a book out now centitled “Surviving Hell” which I highly recommend. Nick’s lifetime of experience as an elite British soldier gave him the mental strength not to buckle under all the pressure he endured during these years of political and legal wrangling while he was stuck in prison.

Ep 16 - Neil Kinnock (Former Leader of The Labour Party / ex European Commissioner)

Ep 16 - Neil Kinnock (Former Leader of The Labour Party / ex European Commissioner)

May 11, 2020

Lord Kinnock (Neil Kinnock) was the Leader of the Labour Party from 1983-1992 during which time he faced off against Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister until 1990 and then against John Major, who Lord Kinnock lost to in an extremely close run election in 1992, having been expected by most of the media and the country to win. 

Neil talks to me about the UK Govt response to the virus, his time as leader of the party, meeting with Ronald Reagan and Fidel Castro and his battles across the despatch box with Margaret Thatcher 

Tony Blair has paid tribute to Kinnock’s role in vanquishing the militant left from the Labour Party and initiating early changes which moved the party to a more publicly acceptable (and electable) centre ground, paving the way for Blair to become PM in 1997.

Lord Kinnock left the House of Commons in 1995 and went on to become the Vice-President of the European Commission under Romano Prodi from 1999–2004. 

He was described by the UK press in 1999 as the 2nd most powerful man in Europe and he’s known for his radical modernisation of the European Commission. Lord Kinnock  joined the House of Lords in 2005

Ep 15 - Robbie Schmittner (Cavediver and Explorer)

Ep 15 - Robbie Schmittner (Cavediver and Explorer)

May 9, 2020

Robbie Schmittner is an explorer and adventurer who is responsible for some of the most notable contributions to cave exploration thus far. Originally from Germany, Robbie has lived in Southern México for over twenty years and has dedicated his adult life to mapping and exploring the vast network of cenotes (water filled caves) that span thousands of kilometers under the Yucatán Peninsula.

Thus far he has discovered over 450 kilometers of uncharted caves. He is also responsible for connecting the Sac Actun and Dos Ojos cave systems which created the longest water filled cave system in the world. He is currently working to connect a third system and, after that, he will explore the Holbox fracture.

Ep. 14 Keith Malcolm (Drinking Buddy)

Ep. 14 Keith Malcolm (Drinking Buddy)

February 27, 2020

Keith Malcolm is my old and dear friend. We have a proper beer session in a real London boozer on the South side of the Thames where we set the world to rights talking bout invasive medical procedures, atheism, incels, coronavirus, Trump, cameras in parliament and imperialism amongst other topics - all washed down with a few of London's finest ales. This is a fun one with a good pub atmosphere. Be part of the pub chat - even if you're stuck at work! I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.   

Ep. 13 Malcolm the Mudlarker (Mud Historian)

Ep. 13 Malcolm the Mudlarker (Mud Historian)

January 27, 2020

Malcolm is a mud historian and Mudlark. Historically, Mudlarks would search the muddy shores of the River Thames at low tide for anything that could be sold; and sometimes, when occasion arose, pilfering from river traffic. By at least the late 18th century people dwelling near the river could scrape a subsistence living this way. Mudlarks were usually either youngsters aged between eight and fifteen, or the robust elderly; and though most mudlarks were male, girls and women were also scavengers.

Malcolm is the Mud Historian. Check out his Instagram page @mudhistorian for details of the many artefacts he has found along the foreshore of the River Thames in London and details of how these finds help us understand our past and present.

Ep. 12 Nick Cook (UK Defence analyst, Author and Antigravity expert)

Ep. 12 Nick Cook (UK Defence analyst, Author and Antigravity expert)

December 14, 2019

Nick Cook is one of the UK's leading defence analysts. Formerly the Aviation Editor of Jane's Defence Weekly, the world's premier military affairs journal, he has also written for newspapers around the world.

Nick has done extensive investigation into German specialist weaponry research at the height of WW2 as well as operation Paperclip and the Nazi scientists brought to White Sands after the war to build the US space program. In his book The Hunt for Zero Point, Cook investigates US and German research into anti-gravity propulsion. He is an expert on the fine line between top secret military aircraft and the UFO phenomenon. He doesn't rule anything out.

He is the author of The Hunt For Zero Point, a non-fiction bestseller on both sides of the Atlantic. His new fictional novel, The Grid, is a psychological thriller about mind control as a military and intelligence weapon.  



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